The Japanese bullet train increases speed

The Japanese train is a very crowded place full of commuters competing for space. It connects to the main cities of Japan by 4 bridges. The train goes up to 603 km/h – that is about half the speed of sound (-1,200 km/h.) At the minute, it is the world’s fastest train. Moreover, it is 175 miles more in speed than the Shinkansen train, the original train in Japan. The train runs through Tokyo to Nagoya and has also won the Guinness awards. It also uses electric tracks, a 280 kilometer journey, less than the normal distance and time. In 2027, the time in travelling will be cut down from 90 to 40 minutes. The high-speed rail is a type of rail transport for quicker timing so then people with travelling work businesses will be able to get to their hotels quicker so then they can get down to business. A spokesperson said that the train spent 10.8 seconds travelling above 600km per hour, during which it covered 1.8 kilometers which is about the same length  as 20 football fields all stuck together.