The royal visit – India Through The Bowstring!

For the last week, the Duke and duchess of Cambridge have been to India in commemoration of the 2008 New Dehli terror attacks. They have been all across India and have been having a bit of fun along the way. When they visited a cricket ground home to Dilip Vengsarkar academy. Along the way they will visit a garden party to celebrate the Queen of England’s 90th birthday.


The tour will finish where Princess Diana’s tour ended, at the Taj Mahal. Kaziranga National Park was one of the pair visited together and met many people from the country. Throughout their trip, they tried to visit the poorest areas and bring love and joy to them.


The New delhi terror attacks in 2008 were cataclysmic and they killed over 164 people and wounded 304 in eight different places in New Delhi. We see terror attacks like this and people feel respect, but New Delhi was even worse because the country was poor and is struggling to recover even now. They will look down the bowstring while playing a round of archery in Bhutan and will hope not to hit the wicket when playing the national sport of India , cricket.