PE lesson: Passing in Netball

Recently there have been a lot of stories in the media about how unfit young people are, and how they don’t exercise enough. One of our journalists, Lewis, went to investigate what a typical PE lesson looks like at Finham Park 2. The lesson was being taught by Mr Hudson and Mrs Coltman and the lesson was about netball. This was a new unit of work for the students so they didn’t know what to expect, but all of them had clearly improved by the end of the lesson. The lesson started with a warm up. All the students were lined up on a line and were jogging to another line and when the teacher said ‘Stop!’ they had to stop. After, they were jogging to the line and back. Then the teacher was telling them about the different types of passing. After the warm up they were sorted into four groups and then divided into threes in the groups and played piggy in the middle using the passes they were told about and how to use them. After a couple of minutes they swapped groups. Then they were playing 3 v 3 modified matches. A modified match is a mini version designed to get students used to the game.
In the conclusion of the lesson the teacher (Mrs Coltman) asked the students what passes are in netball and why each pass was useful. The passes were bounce, over head, chest and shoulder passes. Lewis asked Harry, who was in the lesson, how he found it. Harry said: “Before the first lesson, I didn’t know anything about netball. I now know about passing. There are a lot of ways you can pass – shoulder, over and bounce.” In response to criticism that students don’t do enough sport Harry said: “Everyone does the same – everyone is getting the same amount of exercise, so its fair, and nobody has an advantage or disadvantage.” Harry enjoyed the lesson and is looking forward to learning more about netball. In conclusion, in a typical PE lesson at Finham Park 2, everyone gets involved and nobody gets left out. The number of red faces at the end suggests that students are keeping very fit! By: Lewis