The inter college competition

report1 On Thursday 12th May FP2 had an inter college competition called the inter college competition. This task was a challenge for most people but all of the colleges chanted on the opposing team with a kind spirited heart.The first race was 100 meters which people had done easily but as the races go on, the meters get longer! There are rules for this inter college challenge though.The rules are that only one person from each college can only run once. This is so not as many people will be too exhausted and so everyone who wanted to take part gets a go. This makes it fair. The next race was 200 meters and people started to find the races exhausting. Here’s a quote from Fatima “At the start I felt slightly scared but now I feel exhausted!” First the girls went and then the boys did.Next we had the 400 meter run which a whole lap around an Olympian track. Quite a few people wanted to lie down after that. But the one that was the hardest was the 800 distances. 800 meters is two- yes I said two laps around a whole Olympian track! Every single person who had taken part in that didn’t give up and kept on going until the end.