New Students Take A ‘Leigh-p’ Of Faith

Finham Park 2 School Reporters Visit To The New School Building

Last Tuesday, nine intrepid School Reporters from Finham Park 2 visited Leigh Court, the former home of the Land Registry on Torrington Avenue. The project manager (Mick Duffy from Bam) had agreed to show us around the site so we could see how everything was getting along. We were all interested to see what our classrooms will look like and how our new facilities will be installed. Finham Park 2’s first year has been a rollercoaster ride, and next year looks set to be filled with even more adventures. We asked Mr. Duffy what the builders’ top priority is. He told us: ‘The most important thing at the moment is to clear the building of furniture so we have plenty of space to work.’ So far the builders have reconfigured the top floor, are emptying the building and have started work on the second floor. Mr Duffy informed students that work is currently taking place to soundproof the drama and music rooms on the first floor. Four science labs will take up most of the space on the ground floor, but students will also be able to visit their large library. Also on the ground floor are several large meeting rooms which will remain unchanged and be used by teachers. The school reporters were very impressed by the new building. Some of the school reporters commented on how spacious the building was, and the high quality finish of the building and how they would get lost in the school next year. Lighting and air-conditioning will be replaced throughout the building and students were also interested to learn that the building will collect rainwater and use it to flush toilets, to reduce waste. We were also impressed to realise that we could see trains pass from several of the windows, but we could not hear a thing. Before visiting the new building, and upon our return, we asked several people what they thought of Leigh Court. Finham Park 2’s Head of English Mrs Kidman said: “I was impressed with how much the builders had done since last time I saw the building, and I really love how much space we will have. The windows are large and let in plenty of light, and I think it will be a really lovely environment for students to learn in, and for me to work in.” Mr Plester, headteacher at Finham Park 2, said: “ We talk about ‘world class’ a lot at FP2. Our new building – Leigh Court – is truly world class. It is exactly what our students and staff deserve and will be a wonderful learning environment.” Keep an eye on the School Report website for a picture special on Leigh Court coming soon.  

Finham Park 2 School Reporters.