Cross Country Running!

On the 22nd of September, Finham Park 2 joined in on their first ever inter-school event which was a cross country run.There was 6 other schools competing. They had to run around then the two before crossing the finish line. These are some of the ‘participants’. The participants were: Abbie.H, Luchia, Joss.W, Pooja Sonii, Adnan Riaz, Chris Valentine, Matthew and Ethan. There were a few people, but they joined in with the cross country and they exceeded their goal. They were varied from ages 11 to 12 and they completed a good achievement and were a great success. They were pushed hard to the above the highest level but Mr Hudson stood strong by their side. At the end they felt exhausted  but happy to have participated in this legendary event. Matthew Freeman came 10th out of around 50 people to have ran in the Cross Country Run. People and children were gathered at Finham Park school to take part and different schools took part in the exhausted event and were really tired and they were so proud of what they achieved . Some Finham Park 2 students were crying after the race. The parents were clapping of what their child did.  Most of the parents were so happy, they were hugging their child and  they were so proud of what their child/ children have done.
Before Abby.H and Joss.W had started the cross country run across two whole fields, they had something to say. Abby.H quoted ‘I am very nervous and excited at the same time and to do as much as I can for FP2. Also I feel that I would start to feel tired halfway through the second field’. Joss.W Quoted ‘ I feel very excited for the race to start but a bit nervous all mixed into one. Also i believe that i will start to get tired and run out of energy when i get to the second field’. After the runners had finished the Cross Country Race they all felt exhausted and  Joss’  mum was proud and she thinks that he put in 100% effort. She also thinks that it is important learning whether it is ok to win or lose but either way you are still a winner for taking part. Mr Hudson was extremely proud of all the participants and   loved how  they all pushed themselves to the finish to complete the race.