Things you might not know about Christmas…

It’s not just about the chocolate!

By Faye, Nikisha, Emma & Romy

We bet that some of you might be opening your advent calendars now. Maybe just for the chocolate? But it isn’t actually all about that. Do you know the history of why they exist? If you don’t carry on reading to find out! Advent comes from the latin word, ‘Adventus,’ meaning the arrival or something coming up. We use the advent calendar to keep track of when it will be Christmas, the arrival of Jesus on Earth. Some people believe that the season of Christmas begins at the end of advent. We interviewed a few students at FP2 asking them the question: “Do you know why we use Advent Calendars?” Sophie, Emma and Millie all said: ‘For counting down the days to Christmas.’ But nobody said anything about the religious or spiritual side of it – it’s the period of time leading up to Jesus Christ’s birthday. More about Christmas…
  • The Christmas season lasts for 12 days, until 6th January.
  • Interestingly, people put Christmas lights to help Santa find his way to their house.
  • Moreover, people use trees to bring life into their decorating, the branches make people think that Spring is to come.