Christmas Lights And Lasers Bright!

On Monday 30th of November 2015, Finham Park 2’s year 7 went to Warwick University Arts Centre to watch an exciting journey through the dramatic and inspiring world of colour and light, from explosions caused by lasers, to the Northern Lights of Santa’s homeland by Ally Caldecote and James Lloyd-Hughes. All the children that went to the christmas lecture said it was a great experience and most of their favourite moments were the laser harp and the deadly laser. All the children thought that the show got better as it went on and that the best bit was a death laser popping over a dozen black balloons in a row. Moreover, the children said that the laser harp were amazing and magical. A laser harp is when people touch a harmless laser and each laser makes a different sound each time someone touches a beam.
Facts that the children learned:
  • Lasers can not be seen in air or light. Only when it is foggy or dark night.
  • Luminescence means when a light is bright and glows.
  • Lasers bend slightly when aimed directed at / in water
  • The most powerful laser ever recorded was at 1.25 petawatts in a Californian laboratory in 1996.
When we returned to school, we ran a review competition. We have a winner from each gate so we would like to congratulate: Kacie, Charlotte, Chris (SG1) and Ellie (WG). We look forward to seeing their reviews published in our Finham Park 2 newsletter. By Isabel, Aditi, Charlotte and Kelsey.